Jack and the Fire Dragon

Appalachian? (No sources are given.)

Jack and the Fire Dragon
by Gail E. Haley
Crown Publishers: New York, 1988

The Story
Jack, the "tow-headed scamp.. who always comes young again" is out seeking adventure again in this Appalachian (?) tale. Jack is sent down to the deep dark cavern by his two brothers to find out what the Fire Dragaman is up to. Rescuing three young maidens, Jack falls in love with the youngest and is given three magical objects -- the balm that cures dragon fire wounds, the sword, Dragonteaser, and a ring that grants wishes. The Fire Dragaman, who changes back to his true self as the fireball-spitting dragon, is beaten in the fight. With the help of the wishing ring, Jack comes back up to the ground even though his jealous brothers cuts loose the rope that they lower him down with. It all ends well with the brothers forgiven and each of them marries one of the three sisters. And all that is left of the Fire Dragon is the fire-ball that travels through the night sky.

Old Fire Dragaman/The Fire Dragon is a shapeshifter that can be both a giant and the slinky, scaly, fire-breathing dragon that dwells in a cave underground. Greed and evil are its predominant traits. It is associated with the natural elements of Fire and Water (being under a well.) It guards treasure and kidnaps yound maidens.

Comparative Note:

See "Old Fire Dragaman"

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