Old Fire Dragaman


The Jack Tales
Told by R.M. Ward and his kindred in the
Beech Mountain section of Western North
Carolina & by other descendants of COUNCIL
HARMON (1803-1896) elsewhere in the Southern
Mountains; with three tales from Wise County,

Set down from these sources and edited by
Richard Chase; illustrated by Berkely
Williams, Jr.
Houghton Mifflin: Boston, 1971

The Story
The plot of this other Old Fire Dragaman is roughly the same as that of the Haley's Jack and the Fire Dragon retelling. See comparative note below.


Comparative Note:

Unlike Haley's version, the Old Fire Dragaman remains a Giant with human features and Never turns into a Dragon. However, fire ball spitting, dwelling under ground, being gluttonous, kidnapping maidens: the character traits of these two monsters are almost identical. There is also no associating the fire balls to that of the comits at the end of this telling.

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