The Yellow Dragon

Bukovina/A Gypsy Tale

The Gypsy Fiddle: and Other Tales Told by the Gypsies
John Hampden
illustrated by Robin Jacques
World Publishing Company: New York, 1969

The Story
A poor old man sets out to find work and bring with him a honey cake. He sleeps in the woods and when he wakes up, there are flies all over the cake. He kills 100 flies with one block of wood and with mud on his finger, he writes: "I killed a hundred with a stroke." The cowardly yellow dragon comes by and sees the words. When the old man realizes that the dragon is more afraid of him than the other way around, he takes good advantage of it. Tricking the dragon and his wife into thinking him the strongest man on earth (by boasting to carry the well, the whole forest into the dragon's den and other tricks) the old man finally gets a huge sack of gold to support his family.

This yellow dragon is cowardly and not very smart. The line illustration shows a skinny, serpent like creature with big swan wings, four legs with claws, one sigle horn and long snout. This dragon does blow fire and is associated with treasure/wealth.

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